Florian Pucher - Landcarpet Bahamas 1/1

Designer Florian Pucher has launched a new LANDCARPET rug collection Bahamas 1/1. He describes his new collection in the following way:

Bahamas 1/1 is a unique piece of my LANDCARPET rug collection and will be auctioned in renowned auction house Dorotheum on June 5th. While my earliest rugs have depicted mainly farmed landscapes more recent pieces have explored harbors or urbanized environments.

This time I have chosen to work on a rug that explores a more fantastically looking type of master planning. Bahamas rug depicts a luxurious residential development in its early construction phase. A sea-side environment featuring boat canals and roads with strong geometric lines and harsh color contrasts between sand, forestation, villas and the sea. The level of tufting and cutting detail in this high-pile wool rug is the finest yet.

More information on Dorotheum website

Small landcarpet bahamas 1 1  1
Small landcarpet bahamas 1 1  3
Small landcarpet bahamas 1 1  4
Small landcarpet bahamas 1 1  5
Small landcarpet bahamas 1 1  6

Dante - Scenes from the Prairie

Dante Goods and Bads, founded by Aylin Langreuter and Christophe de la Fontaine in 2012 has released their 2014/2015 collection - Scenes from the Prairie. The collection consists of several types of products, including chairs and lamps, some of which are shown here.

Dante describes the collection in the following way on Dante's website:

The Scenes From The Prairie products are inspired by the traditional, the bucolic and folkloristic. We’re looking at forgotten typologies as they can still be found in rural environments, to transform them, to create a dialog of cultural idiosyncrasies or to contrast them – with modernity or each other. Local patterns, regional objects, traditional craft. In this spirit, many of the objects from SCENES FROM THE PRAIRIE will be robust, weatherproof or even require assembly by hand.

DANTE’S inspirational guest for the SCENES FROM THE PRAIRIE Collection will be French illustrator Gustave Doré (1832-1883). With his mysterious and fairytale-like landscapes, Doré created the exact mood DANTE is trying to convey with this collection. By adding strangely artificial or entirely impossible elements such as lens flare or soft focus to his lush copperplate prints, Aylin Langreuter transforms them into something entirely new. These artworks are also part of the collection and, like SCENES FROM THE PRAIRIE itself, are meant to be a tribute to Doré’s forever fascinating work.

Small bavaresk am2
Small bavaresk am 05
Small bavaresk am 01
Small kind of family am 01
Small kind of family01
Small el santo fuori am
Small nightingale am 01
Small nightingale am 02
Small nightingale01
Small voodoochair01
Small voodoochair am03
Small voodoochair03
Small voodoochair am 01
Small when3