Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands, but considered to be the design capital of the country. It is a home to Design Academy Eindhoven and the Dutch Design week. There are interesting places like the Designhuis displaying modern design and innovation.

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  • marko

    I went to the Glow Festival and it was great. There was a route with 21 different projects using light in interesting ways. The city was full of people, most of them walking the festival route.

  • Vera

    Eindhoven has several interesting places to go and see what comes to art and design. The Temporary Art Center (TAC) is a place where artists can both work and present the results. They also have concerts and other type of art.

  • Maarten

    You shouldn't miss the Glow event in Eindhoven from 5.-12.11, Forum of Light in Art and Architecture. Many of the buildings have beautiful lighting, which looks really cool at night time.

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