Pekka Salokannel is an international award-winning Finnish Industrial Designer. His passion lies in 3D printed product design.

According to Pekka Salokannel's website "As a Finnish designer, I have been inspired by light in particular. The polar night of the winter and the midnight sun during the summer, these opposites create an inspirational scene for a designer. Building from this, there is a basic need more light in the winter to cope with the dark and cold season. I have especially manifested this need in designing my lightning and also in my watches. The essence of time goes forward with light, so to have light and timekeeping together makes sense in these extraordinary circumstances. Finnish design often derives from a need rather than just beautiful form; this is also the starting point for my designs. The shapes and forms used in each time are specifically thought to give the best use for the product in question, so I am unable to pinpoint where my shaping ideas come from."