Unique Space, that's new Futurista Universum in Prague

150 m2 of unique space dedicated to the freshest and continually-updated selection of the best of Czech design, jewellery and architecture. Multifunctional installation space for contemporary architecture, photography and art, lectures, private exhibitions and presentations.

An attractive, sophisticated and relaxed environment where you can browse a wide selection of art and design books and magazines, meet for a good cup of coffee or a private business meeting.

An exceptional location in the very heart of historical Prague across from the Bethlehem Chapel, where the cutting edge mingles with history.

Come and enjoy the exceptional atmosphere and friendly, experienced service. Select a beautiful object into your interior, an original gift for your loved ones, or just visit one of the exhibitions, to which this gothic house is dedicated.

Telephone: +420 725 128 660

Opening hours: MON - SAT 11 - 18.30

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