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Yksi consists of Leonne Cuppen, Kees Heurkens and Eduard Sweep, graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Their cooperation spans 20 years and has made them a tightly-knit team. The Yksi team operates as a design office, organises exhibitions and runs a design shop (and online). Whether designing furniture, domestic objects or the arrangement of an entire living room, house or office, Yksi designer’s style always remains sober and demure, without too much exuberance or abundance of decoration. Their style is characterised byskilful and sound details that result in high quality and user-friendly products and environments. The Yksi design is always surprising and fresh – brought on by a permanent quest for materials, forms and new combinations - but also timeless. Over the past years Yksi has created designs for private environments as well as big office projects. Yksi also designed furniture pieces and interior objects, both unique pieces and serial produced.


Stratumsedijk 47-49

5611 NC Eindhoven

The Netherlands

+31 (0)40-2930440



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